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Bee Identification

Below is a chart for identifying different types of bees. It's important to understand different types of bees in order to handle them properly.

Identifying the type of bee you’re dealing with, is critical to determining what your next step should be in dealing with your problem.  Proper identification of your intruders will save you time, money and frustration.  Here are a few commonly found bees.


Honey Bee:

Honey Bee Comb: 
Honey Bee Swarm: 



 And it's nest: 



And it's nest: 


Yellow Jacket:

And it's nest:


Bumble Bee:

And it's nest:


Bald Faced Hornet:

And it's nest:


Mud Dauber:

And it's nest:


Carpenter Bee:

And it's nest:

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