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About The Unstung Hero

Our mission is to provide honey bee extraction and swarm collection services while promoting the preservation of honey bees

The Unstung Heroes are beekeepers in Colorado Springs whose primary mission is to provide honey bee extraction and swarm collection services in the surrounding areas while promoting the preservation of honey bees.   We remove Honeybees from homes and businesses in and around the Colorado Springs area alive and relocate them in our own hives as well as those of other local beekeepers in an effort to form and retain strong, healthy colonies in the local area.

 Our collective and diverse backgrounds in the construction trades enable us to pinpoint hidden beehives in any structure and develop the least invasive and most cost effective approach to remove it. 

Our Heros

Patrick Quigley

“The Unstung Hero”

Our Founder and Owner, Patrick Quigley, is a Building Contractor in Colorado Springs who has nearly 20 years of experience in the construction trades.  With expertise in several building disciplines, he is adept at the careful and sensible removal of building materials in an effort to minimize the impact to homes and businesses while extracting the hives and bees.  With over 500 extractions on his resume, he has plenty of stories… just ask him!


“Master Bee Wrangler”

The self proclaimed “software guy with a bee habit”, Andrew is a long time beekeeper with dozens of difficult extractions to his credit.  Andrew’s extensive knowledge of bees, attention to detail and unwavering attitude towards bee preservation are the qualities that have earned him such a lofty title. 


“The Drone”

With over twenty years experience in the residential and commercial abatement industry, Rick has taken apart every kind of structure imaginable throughout Colorado. With his affinity for adrenaline, Rick is occasionally sent in first to assess a dangerous situation and report back. His well deserved title speaks volumes about his skills and with several extractions under his belt, was recently awarded “Drone II” status.


“Hero Jr”

For the first part of his extraction career, Matt learned firsthand just how heavy the specialized equipment we carry is when you carry it two stories up a ladder! Through his first six or so extractions, Matt had not been stung and claimed to be the true “Unstung Hero”. That quickly changed one night when we ran into two colonies of very aggressive bees. Matt was stung 15 times that night but persevered through the five hour extraction like a true hero. Thus earning himself a well deserved title. Now with a couple dozen extractions and a few hundred stings in his rear view mirror, he is well equipped for his next extraction.

Southern Colorado’s Premier Bee Removal Specialist

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